RLTSPL-Project Business

RLT Solutions – Project business vertical provides solutions for various Electro- mechanical works & electrical and automation projects.

Project Business 

We provide design, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of pumps, valves with electrical    actuators, electrical panels & automation works for WTPs, STPs & pump houses, water meters (Mechanical/AMR) with house service connections. 

We are well equipped in terms of design, supply, testing & commissioning of the following systems in the execution of projects with Water treatment plants, Sewage treatment plants and Lift irrigation pumping stations, Booster pumping stations for below mentioned works.

  1. Instrumentation & Automations systems
  2. SCADA & Web monitoring systems
  3. Electrical systems
  4. Electro-mechanical works
  5. Chemical dosing systems
  6. Water meters, billing systems & Customer management